Enterprise 2.0 is making me cranky again

Enterprise 2.0 is one of those terms that’s been going around business circles for the past few years. I’m not sure it ever really meant anything sensible and I’m not sure it is a meaningful way to approach a very real problem in business. The big problem we face in business is that of communication. We face challenges in communicating with each other, with our … Continue reading Enterprise 2.0 is making me cranky again

Knowledge, convenience and findability (thanks @KerrieAnne)

This amusing cat picture was suggested by my buddy @KerrieAnne as a Caturday candidate – it’s from a post by Nick Milton titled You wont use it if you can’t find it – findability in KM. This struck me as: (a) one very cute cat; (b) one very important issue; and (c) one of the age old problems of business. On all counts, there is … Continue reading Knowledge, convenience and findability (thanks @KerrieAnne)