The LOLs Prayer

Sometimes when you’re having a bad day the only recourse is Ceiling Cat: Our Cat, who art in ceiling,Hallowed be thy LOLs.Thy cheezeburger come.Thy wants be done,On floor as it is in ceiling.Give us this day our daily Noms.And forgive us our do not wants,As we forgive those who do not want against us.And lead us not into curiousness,But deliver us from basement cat.For thine … Continue reading The LOLs Prayer

Philip Argy – no such thing as a free lunch

I went to Philip Argy‘s retirement lunch today, it was strange to be amongst the legal glitterati of Sydney and it was very kind of Phil to invite me. Special guests were former Chief Justice, Sir Laurence Street, and Senator Helen Coonan (who assured us she was not presently suffering from “relevance deprivation”). I refrained from throwing any food at either guest speaker (in spite … Continue reading Philip Argy – no such thing as a free lunch