Twitter, commonsense and journalism #groggate

I’ve been observing the discourse in the mainstream and social media worlds about the ‘outing’ of the blogger Grog’s Gamut – the so-called #groggate. Craig Thomler has made an excellent aggregation of the various sources of comment. There were two things that really irritated me recently: Firstly an article by Malcolm Gladwell in the New Yorker titled “Why the revolution will not be tweeted“, and … Continue reading Twitter, commonsense and journalism #groggate

Does your company have a “message gap” problem?

Burson-Marsteller has just realased a study on Message Gap Analysis where they investigate the cut through of corporate messaging to mainstream media. Their research indicates some scary results: “… a 48% gap between the messages a company communicates and the message conveyed by the media. The study also found that the gap is even bigger between a company’s message and bloggers’ messages (69%). ” Source: … Continue reading Does your company have a “message gap” problem?