Telstra IT transformation woes

I was about to write some more about the networked society but this article by Michael Sainsbury caught my eye: Telstra trauma as tranformation costs mount. This is a sad, but all to common, tale of a large organisation that desperately needs to update its core systems, and to integrate the various acquisitions over the years into a single system. And, like most telco disasters, … Continue reading Telstra IT transformation woes

Psychology of why reuse fails – courtesy of GeekAndPoke

This amusing cartoon by Geek and Poke captures one of the important reasons why so much of our planned software reuse fails. Thus projects often fail to achieve the economy of scale benefits from the business case. Within companies there is often little trust between departments and an unwillingness to rely upon things that other people have built. The real question is how can we … Continue reading Psychology of why reuse fails – courtesy of GeekAndPoke