Advice on building your own ecosystem

The plight of folks who build their online business worlds on the whimsy of a bunch of faceless corporations is on my mind as Twitter appears to be imploding before our eyes. It is very imprudent to build your business on a platform that is subject to changes that are outside of your control. For example, Meta makes changes to to how Facebook and Instagram … Continue reading Advice on building your own ecosystem

The influencer economy

In my previous post, Radical shifts in the media economy, I spoke of the changes that have arisen in the media landscape, touched upon the democratization of communication, and mentioned the emergence of the influencer economy. Today I am going to delve into the influencer economy and some of its implications for society now and in the future. What is the influencer economy? At its … Continue reading The influencer economy

Navigating the social media maze for academics

Life for an academic these days seems to be getting more complex. In addition to the traditional tasks – teaching, researching, and publishing – the job has expanded to include endless grant applications and the need to develop a public persona to publicise their work. All of this is in addition to having some kind of personal life and human relationships. The advent of social media has made life … Continue reading Navigating the social media maze for academics

Mobile and social media – what it means for business

Mobile and social media have created a new business landscape If you’re not already working out how to disrupt your business and your industry then you will be disrupted… Who succeeds at amazon? “Explorers and pioneers”. Who fails? Those who focus on killing our competitors. -Bezos — Spencer Rascoff (@spencerrascoff) May 9, 2014 The web 2.0 revolution and social media changed the game for business. At … Continue reading Mobile and social media – what it means for business

LinkedIn and the power of networks

I used to think of LinkedIn as a boring but worthy social network for business contacts. But I was wrong. Over the years it has become a critical B2B social network, with multi-million dollar deals often being done via the platform. LinkedIn has also disrupted the recruitment business and reshaped the way people find jobs. It changed the power dynamic in recruitment by enabling the jobs to … Continue reading LinkedIn and the power of networks

Politics of Social – Social Media Week Sydney 2014

As part of Social Media Week Sydney 2014 I was honoured to host a panel discussion about the Politics of Social. The panel made for a lively and interesting chat – wish we could have had more time as there was much more to discuss! Panel Members Ariadne Vromen – Associate Professor, The University of Sydney Alex Greenwich – Independent Member for Sydney, Parliament of … Continue reading Politics of Social – Social Media Week Sydney 2014

Media 140 Perth 2012

media140: Online Search Revolution

Did a panel with on the online search revolution. Facebook announced ‘Graph Search’ as a way to revolutionise social search and transform how people find recommendations, places and people. Our panel takes a closer look the important changes Social Search will bring to businesses built in social data and how you can take advantage of it. PANELISTS: Kate Carruthers + Colm Flanagan: … Continue reading media140: Online Search Revolution