1 more sleep until Social Innovation BarCamp #sibsyd

After many weeks of planning with my co-conspirators Selena Griffith, Michelle Williams and Kim Chen we are finally on the eve of the second Social Innovation BarCamp. This venture was a leap of faith for us. At the start we did not know if anyone else had a passion for social innovation and wanted to join in creating conversations around making change happen. Nor did we … Continue reading 1 more sleep until Social Innovation BarCamp #sibsyd

Blog action day 2010 – theme is water

Today is Blog Action Day 2010 and the theme is water. Many people are without access to this most basic of human needs. In Australia we need to find ways to conserve the water we so often take for granted. http://www.change.org/widgets/content/petition_scroller_js?width=500&causes=all&color=00B1FF&partner=1654-164 40 Billion Hours: African women walk over 40 billion hours each year carrying cisterns weighing up to 18 kilograms to gather water, which is … Continue reading Blog action day 2010 – theme is water

Public discourse and private citizens – how free is freedom of speech? #groggate

A recent disclosure that a Federal public servant has been blogging about matters political in his personal time has come to be referred amongst Australian journalists and bloggers alike as #groggate. There has been much discussion about the rights and wrongs of this unmasking of a pseudonymous blogger who had the temerity to question the efficacy of the retinue of journalists who were following the … Continue reading Public discourse and private citizens – how free is freedom of speech? #groggate

Online social network revolution

I’m not sure that most people have realised yet, but social networks are creating a revolutionary change in the way we interact with other people. And they are revolutionary in that they also change how we do things and our expectations of how things work. Non-localised proximity Once we needed to be physically proximate to people to create and maintain social relationships, but now online … Continue reading Online social network revolution

Hypertext to hyperconnectivity

The invention of hypertext and its implementation in the form of the World Wide Web was a revolution akin to the creation of the modern printing press. We are still seeing the reverberations of this revolution in many spheres of life. With the implementation of the Gutenberg printing press back in the mid-1400s it was possible to *democratize information. Society was able too move away … Continue reading Hypertext to hyperconnectivity

Social media rules of engagement

Back in the old days at GE (pre GFC) we were taught that all business ideas or problems should be considered from the “outside-in” or from the customer’s point of view. This was part of their Six Sigma approach using Voice of the Customer principles.  Now admittedly that was a few years ago, but the principle remains sound for business in general and also in … Continue reading Social media rules of engagement

Social networking & social norms

New technology often seems to take a while for us to work out how to fit new cultural practices around it. I suspect that social networking fits the norm in that regard. Human beings have been networking in forest, fields, villages and cities for aeons – but it is only very recently that we have begun to do so mediated by computers and the internet. … Continue reading Social networking & social norms