Business plan – ultimate waste of time or absolute necessity? #startups

There is an enormous amount of information and advice about creating a business plan for one’s startup. The advice ranges from the necessity to prepare a traditional narrative form business plan document, to preparing a business model canvas, or using a business planning tool or app. There are even notions like the idea-less startup, where the team is formed before the startup idea comes together. No business plan … Continue reading Business plan – ultimate waste of time or absolute necessity? #startups

Predicting success #startups

“The only major personality trait that consistently leads to success is conscientiousness.” via Business Insider In large companies personality tests and similar instruments are often deployed to provide people with better insight into their own and team performance. Over the years I have participated in many of these – for example, Myers Briggs, DISC, Belbin Team Roles, Hermann Brain Dominance, 16PF, Big Five Inventory, etc. Many people debate the … Continue reading Predicting success #startups

Startup, stay in business.

The biggest hurdle facing most startups is to stay in business long enough to be successful. If they accomplish this then they have the chance to turn into an ‘overnight success’ after many years of hard work. The numbers are against most new businesses. Many new businesses fail within the first three to five years. Even inside well-resourced large companies the challenges of bringing new … Continue reading Startup, stay in business.

Innovation Bay seeking Startups for Angel Pitches

On Tuesday 21 September 2010 those smart folks over at Innovation Bay will be running another one of their angel dinners. With these dinners Innovation Bay acts as a broker between “angels” (those with money to invest or advice to give) and “entrepreneurs” those with ideas and talent but not enough money or business advice. Previously a number of Australian businesses have pitched and it … Continue reading Innovation Bay seeking Startups for Angel Pitches

Startups Trade-offs Balance | Startup BarCamp Sydney

In late November I spoke at Startup BarCamp in Sydney. The topic was about the kind of personal trade-offs & choices we make when choosing to work in a startup. These choices are not always immediately obvious when you go into a startup. However, the number of broken relationships and partnerships amongst my acquaintance in the startup community does seem to be higher than in … Continue reading Startups Trade-offs Balance | Startup BarCamp Sydney

I’m wondering about scribetribe?

When two of the nicest and smartest people I know start talking about a new idea they are working on I get extremely curious. So when @jedwhite (entrepreneur & startup guru) and @mediamum (mainstream & social media maven) shared this video they caught my attention. I’m very curious now & want to see their new project ScribeTribe. Continue reading I’m wondering about scribetribe?