A #katebreak for #followfriday

There is not just one interesting Kate to follow on Twitter.  Here’s a few interesting ones I follow – we do know each other real life (having met mostly via Twitter). These women are all intelligent and forthright, don’t say I didn’t warn you!

@katiechatfield – articulate & thoughtful creative strategist, social activist and bonne vivante

@katetribe – knows all about understanding your tribe with quantitative research, also a crazy cricket fan

@ZebraBites – qualitative market researcher extraordinaire, good dining companion and thinker

@katekendall – savvy writer with a focus on marketing & strategy, passionate advocate for social media and community

@kategamble – SEM guru, self described “Social Media Wanna-be”, all round thinker about social media ecosystems

Day one #Media140 Sydney

I attended the afternoon sessions for day one of the  Media 140 conference in Sydney today as a live blogger/twitterer and have  been consolidating my thoughts. Here’s a summary of the speakers that resonated for me in the afternoon sessions:

Julie Posetti (a.k.a. @julie_posetti) did a nice job of chairing the panels – a warm and friendly style

John Bergin (a.k.a. @theburgerman) displayed a splendid vocabulary and deep insights into the interplay between traditional media platforms and new media platforms.  He noted that the “the act of speaking should not be privileged over the act of listening”and that “passive news consumption is all but extinct”.  Wish he’d been able to share his thoughts for longer.

Bronwen Clune (a.k.a. @bronwen) discussed the changing nature of a journalist’s place in the world, admirably encapsulated as: “journalists – the audience formerly known as the media” (and she wore some fabulous red shoes ;)).

Leigh Sales (a.k.a. @leighsales ) talked about the how she approaches having an active social media presence and some of her techniques for balancing personal and work personas online, noting a simple rubric “if in doubt, leave it out” (she also wore some extremely funky white shoes 😉 ).

Stilgherrian (a.k.a. @stilgherrian) spoke about his puzzlement as to what journalists actually do, and noted that “90% of what journalists and bloggers do overlaps”. He pondered the decline of the 19th century style “media factories” and the rise of “social media” and did not mention #goats at all. The full text of his talk is available here.

Kudos to the ABC and to all the sponsors for a very thought provoking conference so far. Overall the logistics of the conference were great – well organised plus a nice venue with good parking & transport nearby. It will be interesting to see what tomorrow brings.

Still pondering why none of the men wore interesting shoes or clothing & was delighted to finally meet @wolfcat in real life.


more real people on twitter #followfriday

Here’s some more real people that I follow on Twitter:

– teaches IT, supports causes, knows his geekery & I often enjoy interesting chats with him on Twitter

@neerav – blogger, geek, librarian, chocolate lover who’s always got an interesting perspective on things

@mkrigsman – writes about IT project failures, knows lots of stuff about making projects successful & shares ideas readily

@dekrazee1 – car & tech geek, always good for late night chats while she’s catching up on F1

@hollingsworth – lovely chap who’s always up on good food & geekery (indefatigable patron of #nscm)

some real people on twitter for #followfriday

Here’s some more real people that I follow on Twitter:

– Mr Onthemoon cartoons at http://www.crikey.com.au & is one of the kindest people I know; IMHO he’s also a comic genius

@Mediamum – start-up entrepreneur, mother of a small tribe, intrepid breastfeeding campaigner, journalist, educator – there is nothing this woman can’t do

@catrionapollard – is an excellent PR person who really gets social & digital, all round nice person too (she’s helped me a lot)

@pamelafox – another one of my geek heroines, she knows a lot of stuff & her mashups for the Victorian bushfires were amazing

@nwjerseyliz – her anthropological explorations of the Twitterverse are fascinating & she’s always good for a late night (for me)/early morning (for her) discussion

real people for #followfriday

Here’s some more real people that I follow on Twitter:

& @susiecameron – I put these together as they’re partners in crime most of the time, if you’re interested in entertaining your kids or getting them active these tweeps are it

@PeterBlackQUT – lectures in law at QUT, total current affairs & political junky, all round nice guy (relentlessly logical though)

@cameronreilly – one of my fave people, a somewhat rabelaisian expert on Napoleon who gets me thinking

@ozdj – loves his coffee and chocolate, always good for a debate or discussion

@StorySeeker – lovely chap (but hates it when you’re not real) who’s always up for some fun word play

some real people for #followfriday

Here’s some more real people that I follow on Twitter:

@servantofchaos – knows his digital marketing stuff and he’s passionate about real relationships (check out Friday Surry Hills social media coffee mornings)

@maverickwoman – one of the most curious people I’ve ever met, her passion for new ideas keeps me up to date

@fibendall – loves her digital media but also stands out as one of the kindest people I know

@iggypintado – he’s one of the good guys and has just kicked off the #realtweeple initiative

@sammutimer – an indefatigable tweep from Melbourne, if you want to get to know people in Melbourne then follow Sam

some real people for #followfriday

The idea of #followfriday is a nice one – share the names of people worth following on Twitter. However, it’s turned into a bit of a spam fest on Twitter.

I thought it would be nice to share about some of the real life people I follow and a bit about them:

@ceibner – she’s one of my geek heroines, who knows stuff & is fun as well

@fridley – slightly snarky but well informed (especially re Japan) & a nice guy

@frombecca – is the queen of foodie-ness and is teaching me about being a locavore

@franksting – his tweets are of no morally redeeming value but he makes me laugh (& he tweets a lot about football)

@rbuerckner – if you want to get to know the twitter crowd in Canberra start here, this kind hearted tweep knows them all

Media140 and the future of journalism in the Social Media Age

Twitter_Logo_node_full_image_2Media140 Sydney is asking “What is the future of journalism in the Social Media Age?”

It’s an important question to be asking in these times of newspaper companies in trouble and growth of new media channels.

The venue is the ABC’s Eugene Goossens’ Hall, Sydney on November 5th and 6th. It’s apparently the first time that the ABC has hosted a Twitter conference!

Media140 Sydney plans to explore the

“… disruptive nature of ‘real-time’ social media looking at tools such as Twitter, live-blogging, Facebook and other social networking tools as they rapidly transform the media in real-time.”

There’s a bunch of the Sydney Twitterati attending & speaking on panels – sounds like fun. I’m hoping to get along there too.