Chat GPT changes everything (and some of it is bad)

The world has been on the brink of revolutionary technological change for a while now and Chat GPT and related generative AI technologies might just have tipped us over into a brave new world. Ordinary folks are starting to see the power and possibilities with AI. We are about to see the flourishing of many innovative solutions that are driven by the combined power of … Continue reading Chat GPT changes everything (and some of it is bad)

Advice on building your own ecosystem

The plight of folks who build their online business worlds on the whimsy of a bunch of faceless corporations is on my mind as Twitter appears to be imploding before our eyes. It is very imprudent to build your business on a platform that is subject to changes that are outside of your control. For example, Meta makes changes to to how Facebook and Instagram … Continue reading Advice on building your own ecosystem

Future proof your career – some tips for women

Spoke at a women in technology conference recently on the topic of how to future proof your career. It might seem strange that I hardly mentioned technology at all in this talk. But the essentials for a long career are mostly outside of technology. Any intelligent person can pick up technology skills, but other essential skills include: Self analysis and self understanding NO to office … Continue reading Future proof your career – some tips for women

Celebrating Australian Innovation Lunch

Innovation is fast becoming the agenda item for economic growth, productivity and technological change. Whilst we look toward expert innovators such as the start-up nation Israel, we must first take some time to celebrate the great achievements in innovation in Australia and discuss what initiatives we may have to look forward to in future. This lunch brought together Paul Shetler, CEO, Digital Transformation Office; Anne … Continue reading Celebrating Australian Innovation Lunch

Digital citizens and the future of government

Hosted a panel at the UNSW Michael Crouch Innovation Centre last week with Selena Griffith on Digital Citizens and the Future of Government with Dominic Campbell, Penny Webb-Smart, and Amelia Loye. You can view the video here Panel members Dominic Campbell is a digital government entrepreneur with a background in government policy and technology-led change. He is an experienced in organisation design and has senior management experience in … Continue reading Digital citizens and the future of government

Mobile and social media – what it means for business

Mobile and social media have created a new business landscape If you’re not already working out how to disrupt your business and your industry then you will be disrupted… Who succeeds at amazon? “Explorers and pioneers”. Who fails? Those who focus on killing our competitors. -Bezos — Spencer Rascoff (@spencerrascoff) May 9, 2014 The web 2.0 revolution and social media changed the game for business. At … Continue reading Mobile and social media – what it means for business

LinkedIn and the power of networks

I used to think of LinkedIn as a boring but worthy social network for business contacts. But I was wrong. Over the years it has become a critical B2B social network, with multi-million dollar deals often being done via the platform. LinkedIn has also disrupted the recruitment business and reshaped the way people find jobs. It changed the power dynamic in recruitment by enabling the jobs to … Continue reading LinkedIn and the power of networks

Leaders, problems, and action

“We measure a leader, not by the absence of problems, but how he or she confronts those problems and takes action.” – Rosabeth Moss Kanter There has been a long and largely unprofitable debate in management circles about the difference between management and leadership. Over the years I have come to a realisation that management and leadership are inextricably linked and that they are defined … Continue reading Leaders, problems, and action

Annual Global CIO Survey 2014

The annual Harvey Nash CIO Survey launched in Sydney in early December 2014. This is a long running CIO survey with responses from more than 3,200 CIOs and technology leaders globally. It was interesting to join the panel at this event for a lively discussion of technology and business related matters. My fellow panelists were: David Hackshall – CIO, Wesfarmers Insurance Theresa Eyssens – CEO, … Continue reading Annual Global CIO Survey 2014