Data Revolution Podcast

Well I’m about to launch a new podcast. It’s going to be all about the intersections between business intelligence, data analytics, AI, privacy, data protection, cyber and information security. As I keep saying data and cyber are the two biggest growth industries that we have now. I have no idea what to call it though, am currently thinking of calling it the “Data Revolution Podcast”. … Continue reading Data Revolution Podcast

I’m on Mastodon what now?

If you’re a Mastodon (aka fediverse) newbie here are some tips about what to do next. (If you’re not already setup on Mastodon here’s a good guide on getting setup over there. There is also a guide to choosing a server here.) First of all, welcome aboard it’s great to have you join our non-commercial space. 👋 Essential step one: write an introduction toot, explain … Continue reading I’m on Mastodon what now?

Chat with 2022 winners CDO Magazine Data4Good award

I had a chat with the winners of the inaugural CDO Magazine 2022 Data4Good Award in the Climate Action category. Huge congratulations to Jackie Coates, Katrina Riley, and Fei Tan from Telstra for their achievements. 💐 “In a video interview with Kate Carruthers, Chief Data & Insights Officer at the University of New South Wales, Fei Tan, Telstra Head of Analytics; Jackie Coates, Head of … Continue reading Chat with 2022 winners CDO Magazine Data4Good award

Advice on building your own ecosystem

The plight of folks who build their online business worlds on the whimsy of a bunch of faceless corporations is on my mind as Twitter appears to be imploding before our eyes. It is very imprudent to build your business on a platform that is subject to changes that are outside of your control. For example, Meta makes changes to to how Facebook and Instagram … Continue reading Advice on building your own ecosystem

Twitter history

I am watching the realtime destruction of Twitter by Elon Musk with a strange sense of detachment. After all, I knew that one day Twitter would fall, as with any technology company. And I have some thoughts and I’m going to share them… Because many users of Twitter now have only experienced it as a mature platform, and one in which the banter and collegiality … Continue reading Twitter history

The influencer economy

In my previous post, Radical shifts in the media economy, I spoke of the changes that have arisen in the media landscape, touched upon the democratization of communication, and mentioned the emergence of the influencer economy. Today I am going to delve into the influencer economy and some of its implications for society now and in the future. What is the influencer economy? At its … Continue reading The influencer economy

2022 Top 100 Global Leaders in Data & Analytics

It is a great honour to be named by Corinium as one of the 2022 Top 100 Global Leaders in Data & Analytics. As I have noted previously my team are the ones who do all the hard work to bring the ideas and strategies into reality. A huge thank-you to them for trusting me and being such amazing co-creators of excellent work. This year … Continue reading 2022 Top 100 Global Leaders in Data & Analytics

The Leadership Panel: The Value of Data

Joined the Leadership Panel for “The Value of Data” for a chat. “In this edition of “The Leadership Panel” you will hear from a range of industry leaders who will be discussing why Data is described as “the new oil”, the benefits it can bring organisations and future trends in this space.” Featuring an All-star panel:Kate Carruthers, Chief Data Officer, UNSWDanny Elmarji, VP – APAC, … Continue reading The Leadership Panel: The Value of Data

Cloud is the future, serverless is the way to go

I’ve been hosting production workloads on Amazon Web Services for over 5 years now, and am also hosting production workloads on Azure and Google Cloud as well. There seems to be a lot of enthusiasm for containerisation, and many are loving on kubernetes and docker. But this seems to merely be a cul de sac on the road to a serverless future. There is a … Continue reading Cloud is the future, serverless is the way to go