Future of work and the growth of populist politics

The future of work has been an emerging issue for a long time, and now as automation disrupts traditional employment, it is safe to say that it has emerged. It is becoming increasingly urgent to find a solution for those displaced. We need new ideas and approaches to this problem. Otherwise we will see a large number of people out of the workforce for long periods, with a … Continue reading Future of work and the growth of populist politics

Celebrating Australian Innovation Lunch

Innovation is fast becoming the agenda item for economic growth, productivity and technological change. Whilst we look toward expert innovators such as the start-up nation Israel, we must first take some time to celebrate the great achievements in innovation in Australia and discuss what initiatives we may have to look forward to in future. This lunch brought together Paul Shetler, CEO, Digital Transformation Office; Anne … Continue reading Celebrating Australian Innovation Lunch

Innovation, government, and #policyhack

Can a government really change the way it does innovation by doing a #policyhack ? It was refreshing to hear the Turnbull government immediately turn around the depressingly negative rhetoric of the Abbott era and start talking about innovation, agility, and action. And it was a nice surprise when Wyatt Roy MP announced that he was hosting a #policyhack in associating with well-known startup incubator, … Continue reading Innovation, government, and #policyhack

Design-Led Tuesdays at UNSW Michael Crouch Innovation Centre

Have been meaning to post about Design-Led Tuesdays at UNSW for a while now. Selena Griffith, Martin Bliemel, and I kicked off Design-Led Tuesdays as a new initiative between UNSW, ENACTUS UNSW and Social Innovation Sydney. Tuesdays at UNSW’s Michael Crouch Innovation Centre this semester are all about design thinking for innovation. The Design-Led Tuesdays program runs for 10 weeks across Semester 2, 2015, with lunchtime and evening … Continue reading Design-Led Tuesdays at UNSW Michael Crouch Innovation Centre

Call for papers: Design for Disaster Response Conference #d4dr15

A colleague and I are co-chairing the Design for Disaster Response cross disciplinary conference to share research and actions around approaches to preparing for, and delivering responses to, disaster. We recently issued the following call for papers. More information will be available on the #d4dr15 conference website. Date and Location Date: Friday November 13, 2015 Venue: UNSW Australia Michael Crouch Innovation Centre UNSW Sydney, Australia Conference Chairs Selena Griffith UNSW … Continue reading Call for papers: Design for Disaster Response Conference #d4dr15

Mobile and social media – what it means for business

Mobile and social media have created a new business landscape If you’re not already working out how to disrupt your business and your industry then you will be disrupted… Who succeeds at amazon? “Explorers and pioneers”. Who fails? Those who focus on killing our competitors. -Bezos — Spencer Rascoff (@spencerrascoff) May 9, 2014 The web 2.0 revolution and social media changed the game for business. At … Continue reading Mobile and social media – what it means for business

Startup, stay in business.

The biggest hurdle facing most startups is to stay in business long enough to be successful. If they accomplish this then they have the chance to turn into an ‘overnight success’ after many years of hard work. The numbers are against most new businesses. Many new businesses fail within the first three to five years. Even inside well-resourced large companies the challenges of bringing new … Continue reading Startup, stay in business.

The future of business is the future of technology

Recently Rebecca Nash from ABC’s The Business asked me to consider the future of business over the next decade. Here’s some thoughts from that conversation. The future of business has always been driven by developments in technology, and the digital revolution is of equivalent substance to the previous industrial revolution. This has important implications for the future of business. Manufacturing will not die but it … Continue reading The future of business is the future of technology

Digital economy and the digital revolution

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about the digital revolution and the changes that it is driving in the economy. We are seeing a bifurcation between the old 19th and 20th century manufacturing based industries and the 21st century digital economy. This is a shift from creation of tangible products to the creation of digital products.  These digital products are not intangible. We still touch … Continue reading Digital economy and the digital revolution