Why LOLcats are important

Many people have pondered my fascination with lolcats. The answer is simple: humour using animals as a proxy allows us to delve deeply into the human condition, to reveal our foibles  and frailties.

funny-pictures-meme-cats-business-cat-climbA good example is the recent post I shared from icanhascheezburger. It highlights the dangers of success for human beings.

We strive and strive to achieve power and status and then often discover that this achievement does not fulfil as we had hoped or planned.

There often remains unnamed, inchoate desire that is unsatisfied by achievement of long held goals.

Or, we achieve the goal and then discover that we’re on a treadmill from which it can be hard to alight. The achievement of success can be a trap, one where satisfaction remains elusive, and yet one cannot seem to stop.

As a person who has achieved a variety of ‘successes’ during my life this lolcat reminded me that success is not always what one imagines.

The lolcat is a charming, cute mechanism for transmitting humourous and important ideas about humanity. They also make me LOL.

Penny Wong reminds me of a cat #meowrow

This made me think of Senators Penny Wong & David Bushby:

During a fiery Senate economics committee hearing this morning, Senator Wong clashed with Coalition senators and at one point, Liberal Senator David Bushby gave an audible “meow” in her direction and accused her of being sensitive.

meowrow-catSenator Wong fired back: “You meow when a woman does that … that’s a good idea. It is just extraordinary.

“The blokes are allowed to yell but if a woman stands her ground, you want to make that kind of comment. It’s sort of schoolyard politics, mate.”

Senator Bushby this afternoon released a statement apologising for his behaviour.