Chat with 2022 winners CDO Magazine Data4Good award

I had a chat with the winners of the inaugural CDO Magazine 2022 Data4Good Award in the Climate Action category. Huge congratulations to Jackie Coates, Katrina Riley, and Fei Tan from Telstra for their achievements. 💐 “In a video interview with Kate Carruthers, Chief Data & Insights Officer at the University of New South Wales, Fei Tan, Telstra Head of Analytics; Jackie Coates, Head of … Continue reading Chat with 2022 winners CDO Magazine Data4Good award

Global Top 100 Data Visionaries – 2020

I am truly honoured to be included among the Global Top 100 Data Visionaries: These are the leaders who are vividly innovating with analytics without compromising on trust and privacy. My data team at UNSW are truly marvellous – they are always willing to come along on the innovation journey, try new things, and learn new skills. A huge thank-you to them, because without them … Continue reading Global Top 100 Data Visionaries – 2020

Cloud is the future, serverless is the way to go

I’ve been hosting production workloads on Amazon Web Services for over 5 years now, and am also hosting production workloads on Azure and Google Cloud as well. There seems to be a lot of enthusiasm for containerisation, and many are loving on kubernetes and docker. But this seems to merely be a cul de sac on the road to a serverless future. There is a … Continue reading Cloud is the future, serverless is the way to go

Future of work and the growth of populist politics

The future of work has been an emerging issue for a long time, and now as automation disrupts traditional employment, it is safe to say that it has emerged. It is becoming increasingly urgent to find a solution for those displaced. We need new ideas and approaches to this problem. Otherwise we will see a large number of people out of the workforce for long periods, with a … Continue reading Future of work and the growth of populist politics

Celebrating Australian Innovation Lunch

Innovation is fast becoming the agenda item for economic growth, productivity and technological change. Whilst we look toward expert innovators such as the start-up nation Israel, we must first take some time to celebrate the great achievements in innovation in Australia and discuss what initiatives we may have to look forward to in future. This lunch brought together Paul Shetler, CEO, Digital Transformation Office; Anne … Continue reading Celebrating Australian Innovation Lunch

Innovation, government, and #policyhack

Can a government really change the way it does innovation by doing a #policyhack ? It was refreshing to hear the Turnbull government immediately turn around the depressingly negative rhetoric of the Abbott era and start talking about innovation, agility, and action. And it was a nice surprise when Wyatt Roy MP announced that he was hosting a #policyhack in associating with well-known startup incubator, … Continue reading Innovation, government, and #policyhack