Data Revolution Podcast

Well I’m about to launch a new podcast. It’s going to be all about the intersections between business intelligence, data analytics, AI, privacy, data protection, cyber and information security. As I keep saying data and cyber are the two biggest growth industries that we have now. I have no idea what to call it though, am currently thinking of calling it the “Data Revolution Podcast”. … Continue reading Data Revolution Podcast

Chat GPT changes everything (and some of it is bad)

The world has been on the brink of revolutionary technological change for a while now and Chat GPT and related generative AI technologies might just have tipped us over into a brave new world. Ordinary folks are starting to see the power and possibilities with AI. We are about to see the flourishing of many innovative solutions that are driven by the combined power of … Continue reading Chat GPT changes everything (and some of it is bad)

Winners of the 2023 women leading tech awards

Careers are strange things

Last night was surprising. I was at the Women Leading Tech awards in Sydney at the lovely new International Convention Centre. And I got an award. A lifetime achievement award. Which proves that if you hang around doing stuff long enough in the one industry eventually folks get to know you. Thanks to the very kind folks at B&T and Atlassian I was presented with … Continue reading Careers are strange things

Chat with 2022 winners CDO Magazine Data4Good award

I had a chat with the winners of the inaugural CDO Magazine 2022 Data4Good Award in the Climate Action category. Huge congratulations to Jackie Coates, Katrina Riley, and Fei Tan from Telstra for their achievements. 💐 “In a video interview with Kate Carruthers, Chief Data & Insights Officer at the University of New South Wales, Fei Tan, Telstra Head of Analytics; Jackie Coates, Head of … Continue reading Chat with 2022 winners CDO Magazine Data4Good award

Twitter history

I am watching the realtime destruction of Twitter by Elon Musk with a strange sense of detachment. After all, I knew that one day Twitter would fall, as with any technology company. And I have some thoughts and I’m going to share them… Because many users of Twitter now have only experienced it as a mature platform, and one in which the banter and collegiality … Continue reading Twitter history

2022 Top 100 Global Leaders in Data & Analytics

It is a great honour to be named by Corinium as one of the 2022 Top 100 Global Leaders in Data & Analytics. As I have noted previously my team are the ones who do all the hard work to bring the ideas and strategies into reality. A huge thank-you to them for trusting me and being such amazing co-creators of excellent work. This year … Continue reading 2022 Top 100 Global Leaders in Data & Analytics

Future proof your career – some tips for women

Spoke at a women in technology conference recently on the topic of how to future proof your career. It might seem strange that I hardly mentioned technology at all in this talk. But the essentials for a long career are mostly outside of technology. Any intelligent person can pick up technology skills, but other essential skills include: Self analysis and self understanding NO to office … Continue reading Future proof your career – some tips for women